Flashy Foils - Speciality
Flashy Foils - Speciality
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Flashy Foils - Speciality

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You will need SISER Easyweed Adhesive to apply Flahsy Foils

The Adhesive Sheet is what you are going to cut your design on.

You will cut the adhesive like any other heat transfer material so the shiny side is going to be placed face down and the matte side should be facing up.

Once you have cut the adhesive, you will need to weed the design and place it on your apparel.

Next, you are going to heat press your apparel for 10-15 seconds at 320 degrees on medium pressure.  The adhesive is a hot peel so you need to peel immediately after pressing.  

With Flashy Foils, you will need to get a large enough piece to cover your design.  You will place your piece completely over the adhesive.

Place your teflon sheet over the foil.  Press your foil for another 10-15 seconds at 320 degrees.  The foil will stick to the adhesive once you have pressed it to your material.

Once you have pressed your foil onto the adhesive, let it cool before you peel it off.

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