AlbaChem Eco Mist Adhesive Spray

AlbaChem Eco Mist Adhesive Spray

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AlbaChem Eco Mist is perfect for use with sublimation, heat transfer paper, and any other application where you need a temporary adhesive with a spray application. This spray adhesive holds your transfer paper onto the substrate during pressing. Using a spray adhesive will keep the paper from shifting, which will help avoid ghosting and blurriness. The spray adhesive works best when applied to items such as garments, mouse pads, fabric coasters or any other kind of soft sublimation substrates and can also be used with most heat transfer paper as well.

AlbaChem® Eco Mist No. 1782 • ‘‘Flashable’’ screen print pallet and embroidery adhesive • Great for cutting mats • Great for cutting rooms • Pressure sensitive Will not transfer.  AlbaChem Eco Mist is an all purpose pressure sensitive textile adhesive.

Screen Printing: provides temporary bond on pallets while tshirts, cut pieces, and other textiles are printed; Embroidery: holds appliques in place before stitching;

Apparel Manufacturing: hold blotting paper in place while fabric is cut.

Re-tack for cutting mats

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